No Rabbit, No Eagle

Opening: 07.12.2008, 2 pm
07.12.-21.12.2008 Monday to Sunday 10am - 6pm
Sound Art Concert 13.12.2008, 2pm
Film Program 08.12.+11.12.+14.12.+17.12.+21.12., 4pm

ShangYuang Art Museum
Huairou Qiaoxinzheng Shayukou
101402 Beijing, China
positions of young artists from Germany brought to Shang Yuan Art Museum. Painting, installation, sculpture, print media, music. Different media, different angles. All rebuilt and set up as authorized copies in one show in Beijing.

Curated and produced by Siw Umsonst, Tao Ling and Jörg Schütze.

An exhibition with:

Michael Fandel
Sebastian Fischer
Free Class Frankfurt
Christian Herzig
Sveinn Johannsson
Klaus Kamptner
Murat Kösemen
Andrea Legiehn
Tao Ling
Martin Plüddemann
Jörg Schütze
Siw Umsonst

No Rabbit, No Eagle